Why Baby Cots Are Important

Baby cots are important for the infants and the young children as a human they need separate space to sleep comfortably. Basically these cots are protection shield for the babies parent can sleep and do there chores without worrying about the babies if they fall. As usual beds are not safe areas for the babies specially the once who crawl there are chance if they fall from the bed on the floor and hurt themselves which thing makes parents worry about the babies.

Safety is the main reason why baby cots are important for babies. Good sleeping habit of babies is important for their physical growth and mental growth make sure your baby have a good sleeping habits where they sleep comfortably and what more comfortable than cots for them. But make sure the mattress inside the cots should be proper and soft because infants and toddlers bones are way softer than younger.  Mattress of the cots should be soft and comfortable.

Bed sharing is not good habit. If from the beginning parents provide kids their personal space to sleep it makes their habit not to sleep with their parents which is good for both the parents and babies. Bed sharing is risky for the babies and tiring for parents neither they sleep properly and peaceful nor babies because parents don’t want to hurt their babies in sleep with their hand or any other body parts. Because of cots parents can sleep carelessly.

Mothers can do house chores and other stuff freely while putting baby in cots. Baby cots are so convenient for the mothers because babies get up in every two hours for feed so they can’t leave them in a separate room to sleep but they can keep baby cot near them next to the bed or in a same room where they sleep so that they can keep their eyes on babies and they don’t need to roam in the house. 

The main purpose of the baby cot is to provide safety to the babies and main feature of the baby cot is it has higher wall from which baby can’t climb at least till the age of two. Baby cot is one time investment for long time period at least for 5-6 years. Before buying cots make sure to check the depth and length of the cot where baby can play, sleep and crawl easily. Cots have some extra storage underneath where you can store baby toys or baby mates.

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